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How many and which Pats do you start?


I’ve got Brandin Cooks, Gronk and Gillislee. I just picked up Amendola. I know they can’t all have great games, but I worry about leaving one out of my lineup in case he goes off for a couple of TDs. My other WRs are Evans, Tate, D. Parker, Garcon and DJax. My other RBs Lynch, Doug Martin and DeMarco.

It’s a half PPR league. We start 3 WRs, 2 RBs and 1 flex.

Which of the Pats would you start and which would you sit?



Tate, Cooks, Garcon
Martin & DeMacro (maybe Gillislee if standard)
Amendola (if PPR)


Leaving Evans out of the lineup would take guts, though I know he’s going to have Patrick Peterson all over him. I was thinking of using DJax instead of Evans. Garcon is only usable because Josh Norman is out.

Thanks for your advice.


Oo sorry - overlooked Evans. I hate benching studs. I would start him over garcon