How many bench spots?

Hey guys and gals, I’m starting up a 12 team league w the following roster spots…2QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1W/R/T & 1IR. I’m stuck on how many bench spots to use. I’m deciding between 5 or 6. Would love to get some feedback from the footclan and also hear your reasoning for preferring one or the other.

If this is a redraft league, I like shorter benches to make people not sit on players. Might also lead to more talking / trading / etc. However, with your requirements I would look at 6. Having 2 QB puts an extra stress on line-ups in that normally you might hold 1 QB on the bench, or just stream the position. With 2 QB, I think moving to 6 slots helps. But 5 would be totally fine and put more emphasis on active waiver / trades.

Just my thoughts. I hope they help!

That was very helpful thank you! I’m leaning towards 6 for this year to see how it goes.

In our league of record we do 5 bench spots and 2 IR spots. This lets you not sit on players but also doesn’t kill you if a player gets hurt.