How many fantasy points would you give up for

I’m working on a fantasy football app in which you don’t trade players but buy them in exchange for fantasy points. Basically your team points are currency, and you can give them up to buy players, or increase your points by selling players. Points are season-long. How many points per game would you evaluate top players like Gurley or Hopkins at?

Need more information, not sure I understand the premise. Is this redraft? Also, is the scoring still head to head each week, or cumulative season long?

This is a redraft league with cumulative, season-long points.

Got it. That’s tough. Not sure how I’d value a player under those circumstances. I suppose whether or not there’s a PPR, or any other special scoring eminent would make a difference as well.

Scoring format definitely matters. Forgot to say that it’s PPR.

I struggle with how to to value players this way. Price obviously has to take into account anticipated production, and also the production and cost of replacement players for byes and in case of injury or suspension. I think the cost for top producers like Gurley is on the order of 10 points per game, or 160 on the season.

Another issue would be that you may not be able to buy high end players until you’re a bit into the season (due to price vs number of points accrued). Then the number of games remaining obviously affects the price.

Yes. I haven’t fleshed out the design in this short post, but basically each team gets 200 points to start the season, which it uses to acquire players in draft auctions (and whatever is left over goes to the team’s season points total). As the season goes on, player values, which are based on rest-of-season projections, trend down, while “wealth”, based on points already acquired, trends up. So if a Gurley is worth 160 points at the beginning of the season, he might be worth half that much midway through the season.