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How many IDP spots in lineup?


Hey ballers!

Just signed up for a league and it is set up with (6) IDP + QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex
(2) DL
(2) LB
(2) DB

I am all for trying something new but I have never played with more than (2) IDP slots.

Is this too many defensive players? I am afraid this might be a bit too much to keep track of.



The IDP league I’ve been part of for past several season we start 20 players. 10 on offense & 10 on defense.
We have 3 LB , 3DB, 2DL & 2 flex spots for the defensive players.
I would say as long as your number of offensive and defensive players are the same and the scoring system doesn’t favor one side, you are good to go for a well balance league.