How many is too many from one team?

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering, is it too much to play 3 players from one team? I have Tannehill and Derrick Henry already and just picked up AJ Brown off of waivers.

Would it be smart to play Brown or should I play Westbrook or Lockett instead?

Thanks in advance!

Have the exact same issue Lockett or AJ brown and I have Tannehill and Henry. Currently I have Brown on my bench because I see him more in the boom or bust category and I dont need to be swinging for the fences in my matchup but seriously debating on benching Lockett or Cooper for Brown.

I’m out of playoffs so this is just for the loser bracket. I have Singletary, Boyd, Lockett and Westbrook so I could always pivot from Brown, just thinking Brown has a higher upside right now.

I think browns upside is huge but thats why i see him as a boom or bust most of the year hes been quiet and put up under average numbers and has like 3 games of real note. 2 of those 3 have come in the last 3 weeks but the most catches hes had all year is 6 so its all big plays if they hit… risky to me but still considering it

Haha yeah me too. I want to play Westbrook and Singletary but still undecided. I didn’t think I’d get Brown off waivers.