How many QBs and TEs?

I’m new to dynasty not fantasy. I usually take one QB and TE late and stream the rest of the year. How many QBs and TEs do I roster on a dynasty team? What’s popular?

If your league format is a standard or PPR, I’d say 3 QB’s and 2-3 TE’s. It depends on roster size and waiver wire too. My dynasty leagues are 25 and 27 player rosters so streaming is not really an option in a typical season. Keenum got me title last year off of waivers after losing Watson and Winston but that is not the usual scenario. If you can flex a TE, then I would definitely say 3 TE’s on a deep roster. I’ve tried only 2 QB’s in the past but I personally feel like it’s risky if you’re trying to win a title. All that said, I am not advocating going all in early on QB and TE. I would still wait on QB with so many amazing young signal callers and TE’s take so long to develop so I would go for one stud and get high upside guys later. Remember that QB’s play 10-15 years so you can wait and grab a vet while everyone else jumps on Watson, Mahomes et al way too early.

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