How many QBs should u roster?

I’m in a 10T redraft league and I’ve always heard all the experts say there’s no need to roster more than 1 QB…but every team in my league has 2 QBs on their team including mine…I hav Goff and Luck should I drop Luck cause I need an open roster spot to stream a te this week with Burton being on his bye?


Te are hard to find this year

Give us your roster. Might be a WR you could drop, there are a few good ones around. I have two: Brees and Wentz, but mine is a keeper league and I think if Brees ever goes down Wentz will be my main guy for years.

Go after Watson or seals if they are available. Can’t drop trey, since they all have two qbs, we need to know what which qbs are kn the waiver. Look to see what may be streamable during goffs bye

Only QBs available if I drop luck are Bortles, Keenum, Tannehill, Baker, and Alex smith…Goff’s bye is week 12…luck is home vs Miami, Bortles at buff, smith at Dallas, Keenum vs Pitt, and Baker at Cincy…my droppable roster guys r…Henry, Chubb, Latavius Murray (I own cook), Keke and Godwin…was also contemplating maybe a 2 for 1 package like Chubb and cooper for Kupp…my other rostered guys r burton Landry cooper and manny sanders and cook, Sony, Kerryon

In a 10 man league, there is no need to roster 2 QBs. Let other people waste roster slots. I personally have Goff/Luck pretty close in my own rankings. As you’ve seen last 2 weeks, he is going to throw like 40-50 times every single game in order for that team to even stand a chance. And frankly, I’ve seen enough for me to trust in luck as my QB1 ROS. I have him as my season long QB in a couple leagues (granted one is a SF). Garbage time will be a gold mine for luck.

I’d try and package Goff + another piece to get an upgrade at a skilled position. If not, pick your guy and stick to it.

the streamable tes left r Hooper, swaim, hurst, ASJ, Ellison, gates and vannett

Funny thing is I jus traded for Goff two weeks ago b4 Luck had these two last huge games

Keep Goff for I can’t believe he’s still being overlooked after that Thursday night game. He has been proven to throw wrs open. Meaning he doesn’t need them to be open. I’d stream Hooper this week, and keep an eye on Rosen for garbage points and good points from here till week twelve. If he doesn’t trend positive then You have streamable option in keenem at home against a bad passing defense steelers

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Keep Goff and play him every week. He’s virtually matchup proof. You can stream someone decent on his bye.

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