How many remains from your draft?

I have only two players on my current roster that I drafted: Hunt and AJones. Started 0-3/1-4, was a waiver worker/trade monster, now rolling like a train.

This is this week vs league leader (we have crazy multipliers):

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Similar story, I’ve Cam, Melvn Gordon and that’s it. Was the same last year two, only Shady survived from my draft and won 12 straight to win the ship last year going for the back to back this year.

Worked the wire and pulled off a few back to back trades to get my team assembled as below. I’m 8-2 and in a three way tie for the top, second in points. Started 2-2 alternating wins/loses and haven’t lost since. Though Ertz, Boswell and the Cards DST will cost me this week, i need Mahomes to go under 20 points in 4pt passing TDs so i’m cooked this week. But locked in and all but assured top 3 seeding with one more win.

My team:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Jones, Cohen,
WRs - OBJ, Green, Allen, Miller
TE - Ertz
K - Boswell (stream)
DST - Cards / *Broncos / Jags (*alternate stream/stashed for playoffs)

Remaining drafted players:

Chubb (although I dumped him and picked him back up as soon as Hyde was moved on)

Players picked up on waivers:

A. Jones
Cook (unbelievably dropped when injured)
J. Brown
Olsen (again dropped when injured)

Traded for:

Antonio - I traded away Ajayi, Agholor and Woods early on in the season, about two days before Ajayi went down in fact. Felt bad for the other guy!

Man you’re set.

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I actually drafted pretty well, but you’ll see why so few remain in the acquired via trade section.

Remaining Players:
QB: none
RB: none
WR: Adam Thielen, JuJu Smith-Schuster
TE: none

Waiver wire pickups:
James Conner(I drafted Bell, so not as broken), Lamar Jackson, OJ Howard, Phillip Lindsay, Keke Coutee, Anthony Miller, Gio Bernard.

QB: Tom Brady (meh, but only sent DJax and Chris Hogan)
WR: Julio Jones, OBJ
RB: Ezekiel Elliott

Current starting lineup:
QB: TB12 or Lamar Jackson :crossed_fingers:
RB: Conner & Zeke
WR: Julio Jones, OBJ & Adam Thielen
TE: OJ Howard :hospital:
Flex: JuJu

Just Rodgers and Kittle. I drafted poorly.

I still have aaron Jones, phil rivers, CMC and Diggs

I still have 9 guys that I drafted on my roster only had to pick up a select few off the waiver wire

Wow. Show us details on that, if you would.

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I have 2 guys left…Saquon and Gronk. Otherwise I traded Ingram and dropped Baldwin, McKinnon, A Robinson, Burkhead, Crowder, R Anderson, M Jones, Powell, NO DST, and Matt Bryant.

I have 2 as well. I have AB and A Jones. I actually traded AB away at one point but he ended up back on my roster. But I’ve been trading since week two or three and have finally put together a good team. I’m rolling now too (I started 2-3). Have 6 straight wins counting this week.

I have 2 teams and both have 4 players left.

1 team has Deshaun,Gurley,Keenan and Kerryon

the other team has Rivers, Keenan, Saquon and Trey Boo-Boo

Mahomes, Big Ben, DJ, Collins, AJ, Woods, Olsen, Kittle (sort of, drafted jerrick day before injury and immedietely grabbed kitle) Funchess are who remain.

I only have 3 Players left that I drafted.
QB: Brees
RB: Melvin Gordon
WR: Tyreek Hill

Players traded for:
Hopkins, Fournette, Olsen, Jordan Howard, Lindsay, TY Hilton

Players from waiver:
Kerryon, MVS, Sutton, AJ Green (someone dropped like 3 days ago), Broncos D, Bears D, Tucker

My team name was running scared and I drafted well, hopefully the picture uploads we have 3 keepers but I drafted my big 3 RBS

My current team