How Many Rookies Will Play Regularly?

I’m thinking of implementing a “Must Start a Rookie” rule this year. 10 team league. Do you think there will be enough rookies playing each week to make this worthwhile (offense only)? Especially with bye weeks taking out a few. Thanks!

Vote on it. I don’t think many will like it. That’s what the late rounds are for, find those diamonds in the rough. I have a lot of bank this year so would not work for me. I want to buy the diamonds and start them.

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Yea, put it up for a league vote and see what people say. I personally would hate it, and not want to play in that league, but that is just me. Not a fan of silly little rules put in just cause.


Sounds fun, but yes vote. There will be enough to go around

It is a unique idea. Not sure if it’s sustainable throughout the season or year over year.

Another possibility would be to reward those who start a rookie. Maybe a couple point bonus or something?

There aren’t enough rookies to implement this rule. Over half of the 1st round draft picks bust every year and 2nd/3rd are even worse. Esp on the WR side, it takes them a long time to develop. Players like OBJ and Cooper are the exception, not the rule. Although a cool idea, I don’t think this is a viable thing to implement in practice. Especially when you take into consideration bi week which means each team will need two starter viable rookies which there definitely isn’t enough of.

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Cool idea, but I think there are too many variables that come into play. Rookies are like any other player in many ways: they work their way into lineups, they fall out of favor, they get hurt. But in some ways that make this a hard rule to sustain, they’re not like other players: they have less experience than other guys on the team.

Therefore, the number of rookies who play at a high level like Zeke did two years ago, or Kamara did last year, are few and far between. The number of rookies who actually play week in week out is probably not much higher.

Also, there’d be a hugely unfair advantage for someone who drafts Saquon as opposed to the way a draft might shake down for someone who misses on Guice, Sony Michel, or the handful of other guys who it appears will get plenty of chances.

The likely starting rookies are: Barkley, Guice, Penny, Michel, Freeman, Kerryon, Chubb, and…from there, it gets pretty shaky. But really, if you think about it, that list gets pretty shaky once you get to the Michel / Freeman tier. Sure…people drafting at the back end of that would have the advantage of having vet players they drafted higher out there. But they won’t have the option to put that second or third tier rookie on the bench if he falls out of favor.

I think it would be tough to administrate fairly.

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Good advice everyone. I think I agree it’s too risky to try and probably too huge an advantage for the people who get the top 2 or 3 rookies. Thanks for the comments!

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