How much did the guy who got cohen pay in your league

Due to commish error, waiver wire bids dont get processed until saturday. As a david johnson owner im looking to hopefully offset his loss with a high upside player like cohen. Could you guys let me know how much they guy who nabbed cohen needed to pay for him in your league. The info would help me out a lot.

Somebody in our league spent $40 lol.

$45 (of $100) in my 12-man standard. DJ owner went hard on him. Beat out bids of $32 and $26 and some smaller ones.

I made a post about this earlier today, you can find more feedback there:

Can anyone else provide info for their league?

$1000 FAAB to start with… A guy got him for $250

I think what people are telling you is that everybody who now owns Cohen overpaid and spent a good percentage of their FAAB. So to own Cohen, you probably have to overpay.

Kid in my league paid $61 out of $100, so ridiculous haha. Don’t overpay.

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it would be understandable to pay up if you’ve lost David Johnson, or if you’re in some other bad position.

how do you know they overpaid until the season progresses? What if he goes sproles from 2014 and puts up 15 points a game as a backup?

This may not be going in the right direction. The “what if’s.” Lance is trying to gauge the consensus view of what would be logical to pay for a guy.

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That’s a good point. We really don’t know what’s going to happen yet. and I’m sure a lot of DJ owners want that piece of mind.

You’re absolutely right, you don’t know. That’s what fantasy is all about. I think I just mean overpay in the sense that you put yourself in a very unfavorable position if he doesn’t pay off and you’ve spent half of your FAAB in week 1.


He went for $45 in my league.

Do I know if he’ll be great, no. Do I know if he’ll be a bust, no. What I do know is that people spent a good portion of their budget for a mystery.


Thank you. Ive made my decision. I want him. Im just trying to figure out what to bid to make sure I get him in my league. Because of the commish error, i find myself in a unique position to actually gather the data before i bid. Its a little dirty. but not fully dirty.

Can anyone else add their input. The more data the better.

Not in a FAAB league but I got Cohen with a waiver #6 priority and dropped Duke Johnson.

In a $100 FAAB league, the guy that got him paid $43. I was the DJ owner and bid $31.

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Great info guys! Keep it coming!

Bump for more data!