How much did you get Mitchell for?

In one league I’m in- Mitchell went to the high bidder of 73 FAAB bucks! Insane. I sort of don’t get it. This manager also got Hasty for 8 bucks, and Jeff Wilson for 3. So he owns the 49rs backfield and almost out of FAAB.

Gonna go grab Kerryon Johnson for free and hope he takes over!

He went for $68 in my league. I disagree with it. 49ers are not a 1RB team IMO and it was in a winning game script against the lions

Oh well not my $68

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I bid 21 just to not let him go cheap incase people didnt and got him for that. I dont really need him but now I have solid depth with Kamara, Mixon D. Harris Mitchell, and L. Murray

Probably gonna try and move him if he has another good game

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Big Time Winner here. Congrats.

That’s that bid I put in- just in case.

Those are my exact feelings too.

It might be really tough to get real value for him though if he only just barely makes use of his new position.

Im hoping to pair him with someone like AB or Diontae to get an upgrade at WR figure most people will pay up a little more for a RB.

If he justifies the 68+ type spending obviously ill be over the moon and not need to move him but I dont see that being likely personally

Some people are going nuts for him. Forgetting that the 49ers also have Trey sermon who they drafted…idk I think you find the right guy and someone will give up big. But not me lol

I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes for 100% in some especially things like 14 team leagues

They’re a committee backfield for sure but I suppose it’s dependent on how needy you are. Lost Gus and Mostert, yeah I can see an owner saying fuq it, I’m not missing out.

Mitchell got scooped up in our league before waivers, but Diante Harris from NO went for 75.

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WHAT!? Okay that’s crazy.

Didnt need an RB and put in a $26 bid just so Mitchell wouldn’t go cheap and I ended up with him…. Oh well. Just a stash guy, if he somehow turns into this year James Robinson it will be worth it. But don’t really see that happening.

Why would he turn into this year’s James Robinson

I think he means just a waiver RB that you get after week 1 who proves to be a useful starter.

Robinson had a crazy workload that Mitchell certainly wont see. But that doesnt mean he wont be a useful pickup and potentially a solid start any week.

Personally I dont see his ceiling near that high but on the SF offense I suppose it could happen


@er1k_th3_r3d exactly what dbmville said just being a surprise pick up after week 1. I think SF will go committee and his ceiling won’t be that high but Mitchell could be useful if he plays like he did against Detroit again but with Shanahan he won’t be the stand alone back… and I thought I just got him for cheap at only $26 for a guy who could become very useful.

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