How much do I spend to get McKinnon in dynasty

Someone just dropped him after our start up draft, how much of my 150 dollar FAAB should I spend on him to sit in 1 of my 2 IR spots for the year??

Opinions guys and gals!

I never spend much on IR grabs.

you have 150.

Maybe 10-20 max just to beat out the low ball 1-5$ bids

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My thinking, in a 12 team, 25 man roster, I’m assuming there won’t be many times to use my FAAB on such a talent, regardless of health.

Not all that talented (SPARQ alone does not equal talent). 4 years of being mediocre at best, with decreasing efficiency with higher volume, and unable to beat out such luminaries as Latavius Murray and Matt Asiata. Grab him if he’s cheap, sell him when he’s healthy.