How Much Does a Superflex Change your Strategy in Dynasty?

I’m going to be in a startup dynasty this year, first time playing dynasty as well. Also I have minimal experience with superflex leagues. I’m picking at 7. It’s a half-point PPR league.

Looking at some overall rankings, in regards to the superflex format, it appears Mahomes in the 1st round isn’t crazy. Again I don’t do superflex leagues too often, but I’ve never been an early QB guy. I think round 6 is about as early as I have ever gone and that is ONLY if a QB falls and I just don’t love any picks around him.

My gut says to go with either Adams if he’s there, or possibly OBJ. Is Mahomes a legit consideration? Am I hamstringing myself if other managers don’t draft QBs early?

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QBs score the most points out of all the positions. You’re not wrong for looking at Mahomes but it’s not like you NEED him. Personally, I don’t even think he will finish QB1 again this year. But you do want one of the higher end QBs. Mahomes, Rodgers, Luck, Watson, Ryan are the guys I’d personally target earlier. If I get one of them, I’ll wait and get a later QB who is the starter without any pressure of losing their job like Rivers, Jimmy G, Josh Allen etc. A lot of people feel like they HAVE to get two solid QBs but besides the top few, they’re all pretty even. The difference between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady last season was around 30 points…and there were 7 other QBs that finished between them. Brady went almost undrafted and Rodgers was a 2nd/3rd round pick last season.

Ok that helps. I didn’t know if it was one of those situations where if he’s there at 7 he immediately becomes to best value due to the league setup. I had the same thought you mentioned on trying to get a top 5 guy, it just never crossed my mind to do it in the 1st, just didn’t know how much that changed with it being dynasty. Thanks for the input!

there are quite a few ways to play superflex. one of those ways, is to treat it mentally like its a 2QB league. with that in mind, there is a good chance he wont even be there still. but the problem still persists in 2QB leagues just like any other kind of league… if you go early for a QB like mahomes, youre going to hurt your depth elsewhere greatly. if its me, im skipping out on 1st round QBs no matter what (well, unless its a 14 man 2QB league but thats beside the point) and thats coming from a life long die hard chiefs fan. curve the early QB, but make sure to hit 2 decent guys throughout the draft. there is a lot of late round value to be found through rookies, second year guys, and rushing QBs. so i would skip out on mahomes and work other areas that you will still need.

EDIT: late round value in 2QB and SFLEX ends up being more like the 6th round. thought i would throw that in there.

Cool, that’s where my mind was initially, just didn’t want to rule anything out. Especially when I don’t have experience with the format. Thank you!

Honestly, I’d go on a site like FantasyPros and mock as much as you can.
See how your team comes out taking Mahones in the 1st or second, see how it comes out waiting, etc.
Also, you have to see how the draft breaks to you.
If for some reason, one of the big 4 backs falls to you, you should look at one of them.
But if it goes Barkley, Elliott, CMC, Kamara, Adams, Hopkins, then I might consider Mahomes.
I’ve personally done it both ways.
Last SF I did I went for the high weekly floor and locked up Mahomes & Ryan for my starters.
I was then able to grab some nice value in the middle rounds while everyone else was scrambling after QB runs.
It’s all personal preference and what you feel comfortable with.

Fantasy Pros was actually what made me question Mahomes in the first. In all the mocks I’ve done, he’s gone ahead of me at 7. Maybe I’ll manually edit the front 6 to see what it looks like. Good idea!