How much FAAB ($100) for these?

Sammy Watkins?
Malcolm Brown?
John Ross?
Terry McLaurin?
Darren Waller?

Maximum bids plus do you think it’s worth it?

My league will also trade FAAB starting this year, so I can make it back, if need be.

(Receivers are Diggs, Lockett, Anderson, Westbrook, Miller, and Foster. No TE league.)

Listen to the show, Waller was estimated at $20 or so, there were conversations about the others, and maybe $20-$25 for Watkins as he is locked and loaded now. Also the CBS Fantasy Football show talks about these same guys too.

Usually listen everyday. Just hadn’t gotten to it yet, and I’m trying hard not to tilt, but…it’s hard on 4 hours of sleep. The delirium’ll getcha!

Id go big on Watkins, like 30-35 and then go for hockenson on det for a lower bid if you are interested in a decent TE


Do you guys remember if they mentioned how much FAAB for Ross and McLaurin? They’re the only guys still available in my league and I dont think they are worth spending big on,

I didn’t hear any faab percentages on Ross or McLaurin.

I would consider spending some on McLaurin. I personally am bidding 15% of my FAAB. Redskins are gonna be in negative game scripts and he looks extremely good.

Ditto, my dude. I’m liking McLaurin the most.

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@Avoc94 is right, $35 isn’t unreasonable for Watkins.

McLaurin is interesting for sure and should get work based on negative game scripts like was mentioned above.

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Considering its the beginning of the year thats some decent FAAB for a guy who may start drawing double teams and is a rookie, I am not sure he’s worth that much. While Im in a 3 WR league with MVS as my 3rd guy (I’m a bit weaker on receivers), I am not sure I would start him over MVS.

Did they talk about a FAAB amount/% on Malcolm Brown?

No. They did not.

FML. Someone in my league spent $31 on Hollywood, $12 on McLaurin, and got Metcalf and Thompson for $5. I want to quit.

I wish we could hug each other while chugging vodka…my buddy dropped $60 on Sammy. I put up $30… I got McLaurin for $11. I didn’t bid on Ross, because I didn’t have room, but he sent for…$0. Malcolm Brown went for $36, I bid $21. But, I grabbed Ted Ginn and T.J. Hockenson for nothing. Thinking about dropping Kyler for Royce Freeman, but I’d have to bid on him…sent he was the drop for the Watkins owner.

Jason was big on McLaurin, but they said (and I agree) that John Ross isn’t worth a big bid since he’s only going to be relevant as long as AJ Green is out. Personally I don’t trust the Washington offense enough to go big on McLaurin either, but he did looks really good this week. Maybe throw 10% st him at most, and like 3-5% for John Ross

getting Ted Ginn and Hockenson for nothing is a steal. Sounds like a successful waiver day to me

Jason said he bid $11. I want to say Mike said he bid $25? But, they said that yesterday, not actually on the waiver show. I think the only person they said how much for was The Lizard King.