How much faab for Breida

McKinnon down for season. How much of 200 should I spend for Breida or do I wait to see who they bring in?


Yeah I was wondering the same thing man- it is my league’s first year using FAAB (budget of 100) so I am debating going in at 21-26 but feel like I may need to go in for more so thinking along the lines of 36. WBU?

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If Morris is available, 0%. Get Morris. If not, I’m still not going crazy for Breida. I don’t think his role has grown a huge amount.

My league started using FAAB last year ($100). I basically ended up spending 70 within the first 6 or 7 weeks. I listen to multiple podcasts and play the waivers like a d-bag, but I was still overspending compared to my fellow leaguemates. They were dinking-and-dunking with $1-$10 MOST of the time for solid talent, whereas I was dropping $7-$12 for anything I thought worth a shot in the dark. It just depends on your league. I just put down $4 for Breida, because I don’t know how much people in my league will be bidding this year. So, for me, this is a litmus test more than anything. We’ll see what happens.

You’re probably pretty safe with +$20, though.

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