How much FAAB for Hubbard?

Looks like CMC might miss some time with a hamstring.

Our league’s settings will have FAAB processing in the morning and daily waivers except Sunday so how much do I throw out. Royce Freeman had a nice run but it looks like they mostly ran with Chubba after CMC was pulled out of action.

Depends on record and the rest of your team. Is he a lock to start for you?

I’d probly go as high as $5 for a RB that you can only use for a week or two.

Main goal was keeping him away from CMC owner for a few weeks.


Cook owner.

I’ve been stockpiling RB and playing keep away. I always believe in liberally spending a good bit of FAAB early while viable pieces are out there. With injuries it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra. Hubbard wouldn’t start for me this week as he’s obviously played but I’m starting flexing some combo of Cook/Mattison, Montogmery, T Williams, Hubbard. I’ve got E Williams but he’s not playing this week. Probably flip him or Hubbard for a WR or maybe to pick up Jeff Wilson in a couple of weeks.

Why? You should WANT the CMC owner to overpay for him and then start him for a couple of weeks, eating his 8 point outings in silent humility.

Remember, we’re talking about Chuba Hubbard here, not Christian McCaffrey.

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He’s thin at RB and not much left on wire. I hope he eats a couple losses as a result and I get a couple flex plays. Hubbard showed enough. He dropped a couple passes so yeah he’s not CMC but he was clearly getting most of the usage over Royce and he was getting pass game work. He’s going to be high volume and from my experience even crappy high volume can win you weeks at RB. He actually outgained CMC in yards per carry last night. I see Hubbard as more valuable than someone in a near 50/50 backfield split or a guy that won’t be factored in the passing game like a Sony Michel, or E. Mitchell (if he were healthy this week)

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