How much FAAB for Josh Gordon

Guy in my league dropped Gordon this week. Waivers process overnight tonight. What FAAB % would you put down on Gordon? I’m pretty weak at WR. I’m thinking of throwing down somewhere in the 25-30% range.

1% he hasn’t done much his last three seasons. Why waste faab if you don’t need to. I’d rather have a Parker or williams on the dolphins.

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Agree with @plem. Only one team made a claim.


Thanks guys. Wound up dropping 27% then I saw your replies this morning. Next closest bid was 3%. Oh well! At this point I’m pretty desperate for WR help. We’ll see how it goes. Best of luck to you all in your leagues.

Try to sell him. Or package him. The name still carries value and the acquisition is fresh.

Good idea. I’m pretty loaded at RB and have been trying to unload Sony or Hyde. Maybe flip the 2 of them for a good WR.