How much FAAB for Kittle

I need to replace walker, and Kittle is available. How much should I be willing to spend on him? I’ve never used FAAB before and I’m hesitant to spend too much week one, but I also really need a TE. In a standard scoring league.

Same situation…I have no idea what to bid on a TE

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have anyone made pick ups yet? If show how much is the average? I would say that would be my guess maybe just a little less than average. However, if you don’t pick him up there were a few blow up TE this week you can target. I would say between 5-10% of your FAAB, depends on the rest of your roster make up. This is solely my opinion, This is also my first year playing FAAB, and I am just going based off how badly you would need him or any TE.

This is the whole reason I’m checking the forums. I am currently putting a bid for $58 out my $100 but we’ll see.

I know. Nobody has picked up anyone on FAAB yet so I have no idea what people in my league are willing to pay. And I definitely need a TE, but in a standard league, I don’t know if it’s worth it to spend a lot on an extra 3 points a week over just streaming a TE each week with a good matchup. I’m also in a two QB league so my flex spot is always a QB.

I agree with one of the above, I was think 10 right off the bat. It’s a TE, there will be a league winning guy come along in the next few weeks, there always is and if you have already blown a lot you can’t snag him. Drake won me a lot of weeks coming down the stretch last year. Murray won a lot of people weeks last year.

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People will mostly go for Jared Cook, I think you can go below 15% of your budget. You can stream regardless.

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