How much FAAB $ for Malcolm Brown?

Somehow Malcolm Brown went undrafted. How much should I spend of my $100 budget? I was thinking high, like $76.

That’s alot of FAAB to give up this early in your season. Are you super desperate for a RB?
Malcolm brown looked solid but I dont think he is a league winner quite yet.

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I think this year, especially in the beginning of the season, we REALLY need to not over react. There are 3 good backs in LA. One is a coach favorite, one is a 2nd round rookie and the other is a 3rd round pick from last year(and hurt). With no preseason, the rookie is not in a great position and obviously you don’t play someone who is hurt. I think by mid season it will be truly running the hot hand. Maybe Brown can keep it up, but Akers will still get in the game and if he plays better than Brown I think you’ll regret spending your FABB

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Not desperate. I have Jacobs and Drake, but Mack was a back up and then I have RoJo and James White, so depth isn’t good. I know he’ll go high. Also, this is our first year using FAAB in a league that I’ve been in for 16 years! So, I have no clue how hard everyone is going to go!

I wouldnt spend that much, i would make a decent offer maybe $35-$45 because i feel like they are going to get akers going later on in the season

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I wouldn’t spend more than 15% and that’s if I needed a starter for the next 2-3 games. Akers was the starter and will be the guy. Brown is just on borrowed time. It would be more if Brown was locked in for the season but he won’t be.


Yeah I have a bid in and I’m going 11 bucks maybe 15 by the end of the night. I certainly wouldn’t spend 75! If this is everyone’s first time using FAAB- at least in your league- everyone will start low so don’t overspend.

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Thanks all! My league is super competitive and I know there are needs for RB. I don’t want to overspend and be strapped if I’m not even in real need. I’ve just been stuck with literally no RBs on the wire later in the season, so I feel like I’m hoarding atm!

I feel you! I had 8 RBs yesterday. 1 less today!