How much faab for morris/mcfadden?

Zeke owner. Both on waiver and waiver process on saturdays. What perventage of faab do i put on both/either?

How much do you have right now?


12 team .5 ppr im 4-1
I have been streaming def and my league finally caught on that it’s the best move so now the bids are going up. It costs typically $5-10 per week to swap def for a good team so i need to keep that in mind as well.

Bump for opinions

I spent $9…and got mcfadden.

Morris went for $16.

Our starting budget is $100.

Hope that helps.

Put $15 in for both of them

Ended up getting mcfadden for $7 and missed on morris. Somebody spent $21. Not bad though.

Yeah at least you got 1 of the 2.

Im okay with it. Honestly just wanted them to make a package to a team low on rbs for a wr1 set. I already have bell, hunt, ingram, ans kamara on top of zeke.