How much FAAB for Newton?

How much should I spend on Newton? Jared Goff is my only other QB but Newton just hit the waivers. I still have $99 left as of now.

Super flex? Standard? do you have another qb than goff?
what type of league. redraft, keeper, dynasty?

Sorry, it’s a keeper league. This is the startup year and it’s standard. 4pt passing tds. 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1Flex 1K 1DST 6 Bench 1 IR
It’s a 10-team league, Goff is my only QB at the moment.

I’m throwing 5 at him. Is that too much? There might only be one other owner who is interested in him and that’s the Luck owner.

5 is fine.

You don’t really need Cam having Goff, but if you want to roster 2 QBs, 5% of your budget is a nice pot shot.