How much FAAB Hayden Hurst

I’m in a 10 team full PPR dynasty league and for some reason, Hayden Hurst is a free agent. What percentage should I spend? He would immediately become my best TE

Did Hurst just get dropped? Or has been sitting on the wire and you just noticed?

Do you have an off-season and in-season budget? Or one budget for the year? If just one budget when is it reset?

This is our first offseason and originally we were going to have have the rookie draft include free agents but we changed that and to make it fair we decided to keep FA locked until after the rookie draft. So he would be bid on with regular in-season FAAB

He’s just been sitting there so I know there will be a lot of interest

Depends on how deep your rosters are and any other Free Agents available… If Hurst is the only staring calibre player then I would bid a significant amount. If there are other starting players then maybe up to 50% of FAAB budget.

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Agree with @fun4willis. Depends on who else is available. If he is the only player that is start worthy, I would pay at least 50% and if your other TEs aren’t very good I would easily do more