How much FAAB (if any) for Greg Zuerlein

Zuerlein is on my waiver… how much FAAB should I spend for a very reliable, good kicker? I know it’s a stupid position to consider, but I’ve had very bad luck streaming kickers (I have 16 pts less on the season than the 2nd worst leaguemate at the kicker position).

I’d see if you can just grab him in FAs. That’s what I did in my league and I’m holding him until he’s back next week.

We sadly don’t have any sort of free agency period. It’s a consistent waiver wire that runs every Wednesday morning, and then every morning until a player has a game. (I strongly disagreed with this idea)

This is the best way to do it man. I converted over this year and it’s just more fair for everyone. Especially people who have like day jobs and have no access to fantasy or what not.

Given how awful kickers have been this season, might be worth dropping a few bucks on him.

I think it can completely screw someone who may need to pick someone up very late due to a warm-up injury or some unforeseen situation that keeps a player out on Sunday.

But yes, thank you for reassuring I’m not crazy for wanting to spend a few on a kicker lol