How much FAAB is Fuller Worth?

Will Fuller is still on our waiver wire after last week’s blowup performance. I’ve got $58 of my FAAB left, how much is he worth?? I’ve got a $27 claim on him right now. Too much or too little?

$27 sounds right around where I would be as well. It’s a tough call because that’s probably the best game he’ll have in his career, but at the same like they’ve been saying on the pod - he’s been a great receiver this season & he just wasn’t finding the endzone.

I think if you really want him, bump it up a little because I could see someone way overbidding & just chasing the points from this week.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m 4-1, and don’t necessarily need him, however I think WR depth is my biggest weakness, so I’m going to give it a shot. Dede is there in case I miss on him so no matter what I’ll be able to grab some sort of depth.