How much faab on Doug Baldwin

Doug Baldwin has been dropped in my league and i am trying to decide if i should pick him up
I am in a good position at WR so i could easily stash him for a few weeks.
However i am not in a good Position at RB and not sure if i should be using much faab on him.
If he gets better i may be able to trade my WR for RB,s later, if he dose not i am in a worse position then when i started.
How much faab would you risk on the gamble?

Not much. How well do you know your league? I’d put a few bucks on Baldwin if you’ve got the room on your bench, but he’s not consistent enough for fantasy production or health for me to wager too much on him season-long. I’d save your dollars if you really need RB’s. Someone is bound to break out this early in the season.