How much Faab on Elijah Mitchell?

How much work is Mitchell going to get and how much Faab should I spend?

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More than I want to spend. I expect 60%+ especially if Mostert owner is weak behind him.

I’m hesitant though. Shanahan could make some random off the street look like he’s a competent rb. And I believe he will share out the touches whilst mostert is out. Then of course there’s Jeff Wilson to return almost immediately after the bye.

If you’re in need at rb I’m fine with hammering the faab. But be ready to strike out as well as hit a home run.

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Yup! Agreed. He already went in one league I’m in- went for 23% of this guy’s budget. In another league I’m in I’m going 25% of my budget and I know that won’t be enough but I won’t go in more, well because Shanahan. If you’re desperate for RB, yeah maybe 50-60 percent. If you’re in my situation where you could use the depth but not in dire need than 25%.

…although I’m looking forward to a couple weeks and grabbing Wilson to throw in my IR.

I’d go as high as $1.