How much FAAB on Telvin Coleman?

I’m the freeman owner and just seen the Coleman owner drop him I was wondering how much FAAB I should spend and if i should drop anyone for him… MY Roster

QB: Brees,

RB: Ingram, Lindsey Hyde, & D Freeman

WRS D Adams, Mike Evans, Quincy Enuwa(sp?). Allen Robinson.

TE: Reed

D/ST: Bears & Titans.

I want to drop Quincy cause his schedule looks pretty bad but he is receiving a ton of targets and a part of me would rather have him. I also wanna back up my Freeman cause he’s so injury prone but Coleman also hasn’t done much either so it’s like is he even worth picking up?

As a freeman owner, you should probably pick him up given Freeman’s lingering knee problems.

Probably have to drop Quincy tbh.

Yeah that is what I thought as well just wanted to double check. I’m gonna spend like 30% of my FAAB on him.