How much FAAB should I bid on Damien Williams?

In my 16 team PPR league I am hurting for running back (currently have Carson, Royce, Latavius, Duke). I am very strong at WR, TE, QB.

Someone dropped Damien Williams to the waivers. How much of my FAAB should I bid to get him??? I understand he is in a RBBC now, but has WAY more potential than my running backs (other than Carson).

My record is currently 1-2. Obviously, in a 16 team league, good pickups are hard to come by.


I am curious about this too. I have a claim in on him in my 12 man .5 ppr league. I’m not awful at RB, have Ingram, Montgomery, Thompson, and Sanders, but could need another RB. I put down $5 but think I might need to put down more?