How much FAAB should I spend on Tre’Quan Smith?

I got $30 FAAB left, got Mahomes, Brandin Cooks and Sammy Watkins on Bye next week, plus A.J. green is a maybe and Kerryon is probably out. Probably gonna drop Watkins for him. How much FAAB do I spend on Trequan Smith?

I’m #2 and he’s #3, this game will probably determine who gets the first round playoff bye.

Probably everything. FAAB has very little value after this. Already in week 12. Or just $1 more than whoever the next highest FAAB is.

Some people have a ton of FAAB left. For example the guy in first has $60 left. The guy I’m going against has $10 and the other active guy on waivers has $11. Right now I have in $12 on him but I didn’t know if I should do more @MikeMeUpp

You know your league best. If you think those are your 2 competitors then bid 12. But if there’s like a couple other dudes with like 20 or 25 or whatever, then bid more.

I dropped Smith after underperforming for multiple weeks and now I’m thinking I’ve made a huge mistake…

Instead I picked up Moncrief/Sanu… should I pick Smith back up?

Definitely. Better offense and will give you more points.

He’s going to be streaky. Have to realize that he was up against Philly who literally did not have a single starting CB active. He was playing against like 3rd string CBs.

I still trust him much more than Moncrief though, never liked moncrief so I wouldn’t have picked him up. Trusting in bortles will get you no where.