How much FAAB to bid on Justin Jackson?

I drafted Melvin Gordon, but missed out on both Eckler and Jackson. Jackson just got dropped. How much of my $100 FAAB budget should I bid on him? Would $10 be too much?

One other owner in particular is very aggressive with his FAAB spending, and he is very thin at RB, so he’ll probably bid on him.

Additionally, would you cut Chase Edmonds or TY Montgomery for Jackson?

I’d cut both of those guys for Jackson.

As for the FAAB, I’m never a fan of bidding even numbers like 10 or 20, if you can bid 9 or 11, you’ll either save a buck which can help you down the road, or lock down a guy while others are bidding the round numbers like 10. Just a little tip.

If you feel desperate, I’d consider 11, or else I’d bid around 4-6 for him.

My thought is always, ‘how mad will I be if I don’t get this guy?’ If the answer is VERY, I’ll make sure I get him with a bid like 13. If I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, I’d be conservative.

Thanks… yeah, I’m probably going to bid $11. I doubt I’ll get him, but I’m not that desperate for the RB help.