How much FAAB to bid?

I’m in a 17 team guillotine league, and it appears that George Kittle, OBJ, and Miles Sanders are going to be available on waivers this week if everything holds. I’d really like to pick up Kittle especially but am not sure how much FAAB to bid. Suggestions? Thank you.

You can probs get Sanders on the cheap due to his injury, like in that 10-20 range. Depending on how big of an upgrade Kittle is for you he might not be worth the amount of FAAB he’d cost, unless your currently streaming TE’s. I’d imagine he’d be worth at least 50, if not more.

I would have to see the makeup of your team, if kittle is a big upgrade then i would spend a decent chunk on him if he not then i would go after the players that might go for cheap like Sanders and OBJ.

I forgot to mention that it is a $1000 budget. But I know that still equates to the same percentages on $100 budget leagues. My current tight ends are only jimmy graham and one of the Houston TE’s. It’s also a super flex league, so it’s super deep.

If that’s the case (with your TE situation) i’d probably be insanely aggressive as i don’t think you can rely on Jimmy Graham week in and week out like you could with Kittle.

The risk with Kittle however is whatever his injury is, he was able to return to the game but he’s going to get re-examined. I know you can’t afford to wait and see, but that’s part of the game you’re playing with him.

Seeing as how large of an upgrade it is at the position for you, i might even say go as high as 60% for your FAAB. You could also take a look at the Andrews, Waller, and Ertz owners team’s and see if there’s any chance that they could have a down week soon, in case your bid for Kittle doesn’t go through