How much FAAB to spend on Alshon?

Somebody in my league dropped Alshon, and I’m not sure how much FAAB to spend on him. This is my first year doing FAAB. 12 team PPR, 2 RB / 2 WR / 2 Flex

My team has been hit hard with injuries already, so spending a large % of my FAAB budget on somebody who is currently injured feels like a luxury I can’t afford. My current roster:

QB - Streaming (currently Keenum, with Jameis stashed on IR)
RB - Freeman (injured)
RB - Lynch (supposedly injured)
RB - Powell
WR - Antonio Brown
WR - Baldwin (injured)
WR - Hogan (ugh)
TE - RSJ / Ben Watson

Also have Sony (injured), Crowder, Mike Williams, Geronimo, Pettis, and Cole. I have $99/$100 of my FAAB budget remaining.