How much FAAB to spend on Kerryon Johnson?

IDK why, But Kerryon Johnson is on the wire in my 12 team, half PPR super competitive league. Our commissioner dropped him this morning and I want to pounce. Just not sure how much to spend on him. I typically like to be aggressive in these situations. Guy has has looked good in preseason and i think he takes over as the year goes on. I’m in no desperate need of a running back, but you can never have enough and i feel he could break out.

Current RBs: Saquon, Mixon, Lynch, Crowell, Booker

Current WRs: Diggs, Baldwin, Hogan, Goodwin, DJ Moore, Mike Williams

Who should I drop (was thinking Booker)? and how much should i spend out of my 100 dollar budget on Kerryon?

PS: James White is also available.

Drop Booker. As for the %, I’d probably spend a good bit.

by “a good bit” how much do you have in mind? $15? $20? more?

I’d personally drop Crowell - I think he has a very average RB 25ish season all season long. I could see Booker getting off to a better start and have a little more trade value in week 3 or 4. I’d spend about 25-35% on Kerryon.

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Probably 35-40%