How much FAAB to spend on Royce Freeman 1/2 point league

68 FAAB left in a 100 FAAB league. He would be riding my bench most weeks since i have
Alex collins
Lamar miller
Aaron Jones
Bilal Powell
Marlon Mack

Also i have the max amount of RBs in this leagues so i would have to drop one of these guys. I’m guessing Mack or Powell if i were to go for him.
Thanks for the help guys.

bump bump bump im thinking all of it after tonight

Maybe it’s cause I got Hunt Gordon Fournette and Howard but I’ve been thinking about dropping Freeman, they just don’t use him enough, same issues as Jordan Howard, he’s a big boy runner who wears down def. as it goes but they don’t let him. 35-3 and they’re throwing still.

As a broncos fan I’m still holding him but idk if I’d pick him up if I wasn’t. I’m just waiting for Lindsay to get hurt before I even think about starting him

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Not much if anything at all. Maybe 5-10 if you want him. I have him and I never feel comfortable playing him. He doesnt get carries.

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