How much FAAB to spend?

Full PPR Some one over the weekend dropped Cole Kmet. I’m in a tough spot where I had to start jarwin last week because everyone is rostering two TE. How much FAAB would you place on him.

I wouldnt spend more than $1-2

And what other TEs are available?

You got Conklin, cook, ebron, njoku, trautman are pretty much top options other than Kmet. For me it is really taking the shot between Kmet and trautman

No ones really rushing to get these guys so I figured in the 2$ area just incase someone else put a 0$ bid in

Whoever emerges between Conklin and Herndon as the Vikings’ TE is going to have some value, but we won’t really know for a couple of weeks as Herndon gets up to speed.

The one that stands out is Jared Cook, second only to Travis Kelce in average TDs per season over the past 3 years (7.3 to Kelce’s 9.0).

He scored 10.6 PPR in the opener without a TD, and was third in targets (8) behind Williams (12) and Allen (13).

I know what you mean. The one thing that worries me with cook is that Ekeler had no targets last game. So when he gets back involved in the passing game there will be too many mouth to feed. But at the same time with what’s available for me, might as well take the shot on the good offence. What would you suggest? Like 2-3$? Fairly new to using FAAB

Yeah, $3 wouldn’t be out of line. I’d even go $5 since you kind of really need him.

If you don’t get him, you can probly pick up Ebron for free.

If he doesn’t maintain his level of performance after a few weeks, you can trade him (or Ebron) out for whoever emerges in Minnesota.