How much FAAB to spend

Fitzmagic and keelan cole are both on the waivers. I am streaming qbs in this league and plan on going for fitz this week not sure just how much to spend on him.
The Keelan Cole owner raged dropped him just before the games sunday so he is also on the waivers.
I have
tyreek hill
larry fitz
quincy enunwa
robert woods
brandon marshall

if i were to get cole i would probably drop marshall or alfred morris.
Just wanted to see what you guys think would be to much to spend on these guys. thanks alot.

just bumping

I’m wondering about fitz as well I’m thinking maybe 10-12 percent?
You don’t need cole so I wouldn’t break the bank for him you’ll have to pay a nice price for him

Who is your qb? I have Goff and fitz is only guy on waivers so I’m maybe willing to spend a bit more

Have tyrod in both of the leagues im thinking about getting him in. In one of the leagues big ben is also available. I am thinking about 15$ in both leagues.

On Cole… in super super bullish… so depending on your league and the number of players also streaming QBs, I’d say no more than a collective 25% of your budget. Your WR core is great but if you got Cole you could flip some WRs for an every week QB or something else. Willing to spend 15%+ on Cole alone. That’s just me and that’s also low… I’d probably drop 30% if I had to based on my league… crazy I know but that’s my opinion of Cole.


I agree on cole.
If your comfortable with Ben and fitz I wouldn’t put 15 down put 10 on each and see if you get one? Up to you and every league is different. I’m sitting at an 11 bid on fitz now. I dunno if I get him prolly not. But I don’t wanna break my budget on a position I can use goff and stream.
Taylor is a solid streamer and browns schedule isn’t too crazy. No bears, no jags, no philly. Shouldn’t be too hard to play him week in week out.