How much FAAB would you use for Singletary?

How much would you drop? $100 startin amount and I currently have $40 left. Right now I got 15 down

If he is still out there now, after last weeks lull of a start back, why would you need to spend any?

I mean that was his first week back after injury… he’s a good talent with a good schedule. He will get bid on

And he got dropped because a guy was desperate for a wr. He hasn’t been sitting on waivers

Why wasn’t he bid on Tuesday? Do you have rolling waivers is that why you need FAAB today?

He was just dropped

I picked him up…he’s interesting and like was mentioned his schedule should be favorable. That being said, I don’t see him overtaking Gore. So he will always be a gamble start. I played him against Mia and paid for it. He’s interesting, he has upside, but he’s a gamble if Gore is healthy.

Got it! If you’re comfortable with $15 then go for it. I’d still likely do more like $5 personally