How much FAB on Breida

Breida is sitting on waivers… I have 86/150 FAB left… how much should I spend on him?

Current team:
QB: Brees and Winston
RB: Barkley, Elliot, and Yeldon
WR/TE: Adams, Green, and Kelce
K: Butker
DEF: Jags

12 team league… 11 Roster spots.


It’s hard for me to give advice on how much FAAB you need to spend to get a player. It’s totally league dependent and varies huge from league to league. In some leagues, I could spend like 10-15% and land Breida. In others, I’d have to spend like 40%+.

You’re the best judge of your own league. The best advice I can give on stuff like this is Look at what people in your league have bid on starting RBs in the past. I’d say comparable players to Breida would be guys like Lindsay who most people acquired through waivers a few weeks back. I spent like 35% on lindsay after week 1 and I got him in one league and lost him in another. And then I spent like 9% in one league and won him. Variation is huge. You have to make that call yourself.

To secure ROS depth would you be willing to spend 40/86 to land him? Or are his injury concerns too much for that amount?

At this point, anyone who is a starting RB, i’d be willing to spend 25-30%+. Sure injuries are definitely a concern but they’ve been a concern all season and he somehow seems to play through it. At the end of the day, if he gets injured, all you lost was some faab. The longer you hold your faab, the less it is worth cause the less potential games the players you acquire can start for you. That’s why I typically drop big FAAB in the first 1-3 weeks of the season to acquire guys I think will be starters.

Id drop at least 50 on breida