How much for Gibson?

I’m trying to get a trade done from Gibson, owner said he would do it for McLaurin or best offer.

I didn’t draft RB heavy after picking Barkley and I am hurting for it now.

My RBs are Rojo, Ingram, Sony(ir), and Jamal Williams.

I have pretty good Depth at WR: Hopkins, Golladay, McLaurin, OBJ, John Brown, Corey Davis and Beasley

Do I try to counter with Obj or even Brown?

Its a 12 team league 1/2 ppr with 2 RBs 2wr and 2 flex.

I’m working the waiver wire for some additional depth but there’s not much there

You’d probably have to throw in something else with Brown. I would probably try for OBJ considering how strong you are at WR. Although you might be able to get more for him

He has CeeDee Lamb, I could try a OBj and a piece for Gibson and Lamb

I like that if he’ll take it!