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How much has Watkins value dropped going from the Bills to the Rams?


Jared Goff. Woof. That’s gonna hurt.


A lot in my opinion. Curious to see where his ADP ends up.


Pretty much dropped his value to double digit rounds


I wouldn’t drop him that far. The Rams suck which means they’ll be playing from behind a lot. Plus, he now plays his home games in November & December in LA compared to Buffalo.


I see this twofold. It shouldn’t change too much regarding rounds. On the one hand, his QB situation went from Reliable to HOrrible. On the contrary, the Rams don’t have any other options at the position, so I expect his targets to go up since it’s pretty much just him and Gurley.


This helps McCoy a lot. Going to rely on him even more, yet also teams might be able to stack the box more so who knows.


The real question is, does this make Mathews fantasy viable?


I am interested in this question @BusterD.

His catch rate is decent, and for his first two years he was top ten for RZ efficiency. However, the bills only have a hand full of seasons with a WR targeted over 100 times. Even that puts Matthews at only 60-70 receptions for 700-750 yards.

Where I have an interest is his RZ and TZ target to TD ratio (TD %). Last year the Bills threw on 53 of 137 RZ plays, and 23 of 87 TZ plays. If they lean on Matthews in that area he could get double digit TDs. We will have to see how they use him in the 3rd preseason game, because if they don’t target him in that area he has no value in fantasy to me.


The biggest beneficiary in all of this might be Gurley.


you know, i didnt even think of that. stretch the field, give him a smaller box. but first, they have to fear the connection that goff to watkins connection. i doubt they ever do. week three preseason just got much more exciting!


Anyone know Geoff’s arm strength? With Watkins he just has to throw it as hard as he can down field. @Rob43, actually yeah great point.