How Much is David Johnson Worth?

I am a Dj owner and I am a little worried on how he will perform for the rest of the season and looking to trade now. What is his value right now? I have Hunt, Thompson, and L Murray as my rbs. Also K Allen, Diggs, Edelman, C Davis, and Callaway as wrs.

Who can I target for rbs?

I just traded DJ and Dion Lewis for Melvin Gordon. Hated doing it cause DJ is probably my favorite fantasy player. Just trying to get away from the Cardinals. Also tried to make similar offers for Barkley and Kamara.

This is the problem I’ve been having. In a 12 team standard league, everyone seems to see right through me trying to trade DJ. So far, the owners of Saquon, Melvin Gordon, and Zeke have all rejected a trade with DJ in it. I even went as far to offer DJ for Kareem Hunt straight up, and that was rejected. I’ll be following this post as well, because I need some ideas.

Is DJ and the bears defense for Joe Mixon giving to much? Just want to move DJ but don’t want to lose the bears either

I just Trade for DJ Theilan and Ingram and a 5th 6th and 7th round picks, gave up Boyd, Ekeler, and Burton plus my 1st 2nd and 3rd, i’m 5-0 have Melvin Gordon, Zeke, Ebron, Tate, Hilton, Rivers, Hines, Mack and Ronald Jones. so pretty much him and Theilan are worth next season

I think the fantasy community is fairly divided on DJ at the moment. Some believe in the usage and increased volume, some want zero part of the Cardinals. I personally think on the weeks where he doesn’t find the endzone, he’ll have a tough time returning first round draft value. I’m looking to shop him.

Here’s an interesting deal that was brought to me. I’m in the second year of a limited keeper (keep 2 - no more than one player from a single position can be kept) with three year max contracts before the player must be thrown back into the draft pool. The Kamara owner has suggested DJ and my first rounder for next year for Kamara and probably a late pick. Kamara has one year left on his keeper eligibility and would cost me only a 14th rounder to keep next season, before I have to throw him back in the draft pool. My other keeper is Thielen for the cost of an 8th round pick.

Would you do it?

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I sold him as fast as I could. Got out of DJ/Gronk for Julio/Njoku/Breida

I took the FFBallers advice just after listening to the last podcast I was able to trade away DJ and receive Mixon.

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I was offered Sony Michel for DJ and I’m tempted but I’m not sure if I’m getting enough back. Im worried about this Cardinal offense and do not trust it at all

Zigomaniac I would definitely do that trade man.

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I’m leaning towards doing it. Do we think Marc Ingram will be back in New Orleans next year? He’s in the last year of his deal, I kinda doubt it.

Thoughts on David Johnson for Mixon and Allen Robinson in a standard league? He also has Alshon, so I could target Mixon and Alshon.

My RB’s would then be: Mixon, Kerryon, Alfred Morris, with D’Onta Foreman stashed. My WR would be Mike Evans, Golden Tate, and ARob, all of whom are past their bye.

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I would take that trade. Mixon has been playing like a slight upgrade from DJ and you’re getting Allen Robinson off the name value of DJ.

What about DJ for Bell? Giving up too much?

I’m in a redraft league, so what is the value in this type of league? Who could I target? Barkley was rejected.

I traded DJ+Thielen for Kamara yesterday.

I paid a high price but I got a foundational piece. My rbs were DJ/devonta/ajayi/royce

My wrs were Davante Adams/Thielen/Kupp/Alshon.

Its all contextual right???

I have Kamara and was offered DJ. I also have Gurley, Powell, Chris Carson, Kenyan Drake, and DBooker. My WRs are Thielen, Tate, and Agholor

thats not even worth consideration. much rather kamara than DJ. and drop booker lol

I traded mahomes and DJ for Michel and Mixon. I generally feel good about it since I was able to pick up Winston off waivers. As a cards fan, Im sad and relieved to be away from cards fantasy players
My other backs are kerryon, aaron jones, alex collins, lindsay. A mega ultra rbbc/potential rb bench.

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