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How Much is David Johnson Worth?


Exploring DJ worth, would it be savvy to trade David Johnson for Le’Veon bell? Straight up? And if not what kind of kicker would it be a must do?



CMC gets way more opportunities in the Carolina’s offense than DJ is at the Cardinals. You’re essentially upgrading Chris Thompson -> CMC and trading DJ for Aaron Jones.


Couldn’t do it. DJ schedule is going to ease up, they hopefully get him more involved. I see the adverse for Lynch. Davis and Coutee are a wash in the long scheme of things.


Is anyone looking to acquire DJ? Am I crazy to think that? Looking to trade Lynch for DJ straight up.

Would any DJ owners take this deal?


Lol… No, nobody is going to take a seriously hurt Lynch for a starting talented RB. Buy DJ low, hope that mccoy is fired by week 8.


I have DJ and I’m pulling hair out with the playcalling

What do I do?!?! Hope that the Cards get their heads out of their assess and fire McCoy/change up playcalling, or drop DJ by using his name value(whatever’s left)


would you accept breida for DJ straight up?


With half a brain McCoy out of Arizona, should I hold on dj especially with his easy schedule??