How much is Rashaad Penny worth in a claim pickup?

10 team startup dynasty, about 3 months into it, and one of the annual idiots cut Rashaad Penny for Peyton Barber! How many dollars with $100 budget for the year would you be willing to lay down for Penny? Any response would be helpful. Thanks

well, damn. thats a tough one. im willing to spend a large sum to get him. because youre not going to get another shot like that this time of year. probably 40$. problem is, i bet you still dont win the bid. and of course, you will have to suffer with FAAB only having 60$ for the year. i just think its worth it. young, promising rookie that you get for money that will come back nexy year. its a small price to pay to essentially lock in an RB2s production for the next 5 years.

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To me, there will be very few (if any) players on waivers throughout the year that will be worth more this year and in future years than Penny. With that being said, I’d probably put up $60-$65 down for him. May be aggressive, I acknowledge, but he’s going in the 3rd-4th round of startup drafts now.

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this is a more realistic bid to actually get him. my point was proven pretty quick haha. there will always be someone who sees this as the golden opportunity that needs to go ball out for. i also dont have an argument against it. if im a believer in what i can do and find for a 0$ or 1$ bid to make it through the season, i might go even harder. make it 75$. its just tough cause you dont want to miss out, but you also dont want to overspend. there is a WIDE range of bids that could be placed. all the way to you only needed to spend 20$ because no one wanted to spend too much this time of year, all the way to the guy who wins is the one who bids 100$.

I’m going to be deliberating this until 3 am when I have to have claim in by! It’s going to keep me up all night!!!

let me ask you this, how are you willing to spend on any one player? does it matter to you what point of the season it is when you make large bids? and most importantly, how much do you believe in pennys talent and where he landed? if your answers are lets say… 65$, it doesnt matter when i make bids so long as i get people that make me better, and that you believe highly in his talent and landing spot, make it 65$. really if you just answered with, i REALLY want penny then just make a huge bid like that. people knock huge bids like that from time to time but i dont. i overpaid for mark ingram last year. he ended up being the reason i survived going against the guy who had gurley. besides, its not a one time amount of money. it will come back. what wont come back, is a chance like this again with a player (im assuming) you really want to go hard for.

Man this is a dream and a nightmare rolled into one! I agree with the guys, the chance to get a player like that off waivers at this stage or likely during the season in all fairness I’d go big like they say leave myself 20-25 and out the rest down. Gives you something in the tank but adding a guy like that to your team, especially in a ten team will make you a contender if he pans out well for years to come. Get the guy, if someone spends it all then so bit it but I go as high as I dare into the mid 70s and hold tight

splash the pot


favorite comment i have seen. fan-fuckin-tastic

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I’ve got the opportunity to change the bid anytime, but right now I’ve got it leaving me $25 to roll with into the season. Our rosters are DEEP, so I’m not going to be spending big money on anyone else this year unless it’s some unknown who balls out. Plus, I’d be pissed if I didn’t bet big enough to not get him! If someone bids more than that, they deserve him, but I can’t justify doing too much more than that. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out, thanks for the input!!!

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Good man and that’s the right approach for sure! Good luck let us know if you win

In my league, we can trade for FAAB… So I’m putting down 100$ and trying to do what I can to recoup later. You’ll never find a better piece than him on waivers.

That being said, how in the world is he even available?! Was it an accident, a rage-cut, or is the guy just clueless? If this were my league, I’d be trying to get to the bottom of it… Because for the overall health of the league, players like this just shouldn’t be available. Bad omen!

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It’s a brand new dynasty league we threw together back in February to get us through the offseason. He is kind of an idiot, yes, but it is kind of surprising he did this. He doesn’t pay as much attention to rookies as most of the other guys, so I know it wasn’t an accident. I might just use it all and ride my depth to the Championship if need be!

@Ricky87 does make a good point there, if this happened in my league as well i imagine a few members would be up in arms about the winning team getting too much of a perceived edge getting a guy like that at this stage and in 10 team you need all the edge you can get given the rosters! Great if you win but I’m sure people will speak up on it in the same way you would on a wildly un-balanced trade…

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How did this end up going? What did he go for?

Got him at 75…I asked around and 8 other guys bid on him and the lowest was 30, so I’m glad I pumped up the amount! #Championship!!!


Well played sir!

the more i think about it the more i love the move. if you remember at first i said 40. then i just kept on climbing up as i figured out what i was ok with spending if i was in that situation. i settled on 75 too. who was the next highest bid? not that it matters but im guessing 65.

My best friend bid 70…he’s been sending me hate texts all morning!

haha i knew it. i was saying in my head 65 sounds fair. so go 10 more to make sure. i think i even said baiscally that in this tread. but this is the part where you twist the knife… next time you see him, be wearing a penny jersey. and if he ever asks how much you paid for that just to give him shit, you look him dead in the eyes and say… 75$.