How Much Is Too Much for Mahomes?

Curious to see what everyone’s thoughts are on going after Mahomes in leagues. Was thinking about sending the offer below to the Mahomes owner in my league

Few notes:

  • He has Lamar Jackson already

  • I have Conner, Carson, Singletary, Malcolm Brown at RB and Mark Andrews at TE

Josh Jacobs
Darren Waller
Josh Allen

Pat Mahomes
Miles Sanders

If I were them I would probably say no but context definitely matters. What’s the scoring format, how many at each position do you start and what does his starting lineup/bench look like

If I was the Mahomes owner, I’d have to be blown away by an offer. Is he light at RB? Josh Jacobs, IMO, wouldn’t cut it. A healthy 2018 Conner would be a good start, but neither the player or team outlook is the same. Your offer wouldn’t get Mahomes from me, and I wouldn’t be throwing in Sanders.

This is pretty much how I feel

0.5 ppr, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 6 bench.

I should’ve provided some more context here too:

  • He autodrafted. Has Miles Sanders, Royce Freeman and Jalen Richard at RB. Lol. Loaded at WR though…

  • I have Tyreek Hill

  • He has OJ Howard as his only TE

He’s a bit newer to fantasy so a little different…

This is tough because you’re trying to trade for the highest scorer in football. I’d be looking for Zeke, McCaffrey or Barkley, honestly. Shy of that, I’d be requiring your best RB (Conner or Carson), plus Montgomery/Jacobs, and Andrews. I might kick in Sanders. A more logical deal could be accomplished trading for Lamar Jackson IMO.

That was going to be my follow up. Might try for Lamar instead. Thanks for the feedback!