How much is too much?

In this trade, I’d be getting Le’veon Bell and Michael Gallup, but I’d be giving up Sony Michel, Austin Hooper and Matt Breida. Would I be giving up too much or should I accept this?

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One rule u always want to rember in a trade is that u want the best player involved

Sony michel is such a scary player to b attached to imagine its the goal line carry and u can have brady burkhead or boulden snipe that td from him

Breida could b in a 4 commitee backfield

austin hooper has been good but now even matty ice is out for a week or 2

bell on the other hand has a amazing schedule coming up he gets to play the dolphins twice and doesnt even have a bye anymore

gallup is good too

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@debri makes alot of great points. Just some things for your own internal debate:

Leveons getting volume but he may have his ceiling established unless Darnold can turn it around. How long will it take to stop seeing dead people?

And I like Gallup alot too. And I think DAL believes he’s better than his past few outings. But, so many of the new pieces have stepped up in his downturn. Tavon has a niche, Cobb can be pretty dynamic, Coop is a beast, old man Witten contributes. Where does Gallup fit in. It’s a new offensive scheme this year that’s molding in a shape that makes Gallup a little expendable.

I’m pretty high on Hooper even with Matt out. For me, that unbalances the trade away from you

Do you think it would be more balanced if I took breida out of it? He really needs a TE so Hooper has to be involved.

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Yes. Only because you said he needs a TE. Plus Hooper’s value is high right now. Top TE this year even with Ryan out…if he’s out. Plus Schaub would probably rely on Hoop more.

I do like Brieda but I wouldn’t be opposed to dealing him. I just don’t think you have to. You could try to sweeten the pot with a slightly lesser value player. Brieda is one injury or fumble away from being 1A as opposed to 1B. Or just throw him in if he doesn’t accept without, and you’re ok with it