How much to bid for Hunter Henry?

HH’s owner dumped him after week 1… I should have grabbed him immediately but alas he’s a free agent once again. I have Eifert but with health issues and the Bengals being a crock, I’m nervous. I have $95 of my $100 FAAB left, and I wanna lock him up. What do you think? $10-$20?

12 team standard, keep 2 at the expense of one round ahead of where he was picked.

I like your approach. Sounds reasonable.

Closer to the $20 side to be safe?

Yeah. 12 team League means others will be looking to stream TE. Pay the premium if you want Henry long term.

I think you’re right. The guys who are worried about Gronk, Reed and Olsen may be eyeballing him too. I might bump it up to $25…

Pump the breaks - it is only Hunter Henry. Only pay up if you want him starting the rest of your season. Plenty of TE streamers to go around.

True, he’s not elite (yet), but I think I’d be ok with him starting for me from here on out rather than playing a dart throw every week. Eifert’s penchant for getting hurt and the state of the Bengals right now essentially make him a dart throw as well for now. Worst case, if Eifert gets right I could trade one of them.