How much to offer for Keenan Allen as a buy low

Hey Clan,

Here’s the situation: I’m in a full PPR 12 team league with 3 WRs 2RBs and a flex. The guy I just beat has Kamara on the bye and looks to be starting Tevon Austin(DAL WR/RB) in his RB2 slot and is playing against a team that I see as a bigger threat ROS. He is also currently on a 2 game skid with a 2-3 record.

What I want to do is to:

  1. buy low on Keenan Allen/improve my team’s ROS
  2. improve this guy’s team for this week to put an L on the other teams record

My first idea is to offer James Conner and Sanders for Keenan Allen. I am operating under the assumption that this is Conner’s final week of value outside of being a handcuff. Am I offering too much, too little or do you see a better option for me?

My roster:
QBs: TB12 & Jameis Winston
RBs: Le’veon Bell(IR slot) James Conner, Philip Lindsay, Alex Collins & Ty Montgomery
WRs: Mike Evans, Adam Thielen, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Emmanuel Sanders, Julian Edelman, Geronimo Allison, Christian Kirk & Keke Coutee
TEs: Kyle Rudolph, OJ Howard(IR slot)

Keenan Allen owners roster:
QBs: Matt Ryan, Pat Mahomes
RBs: LeSean McCoy, Alvin Kamara, Tavon Austin, Mark Walton, Theo Riddick & Gio Bernard
WRs: Keenan Allen, Jarvis Landry, Sterling Shepard, Allen Robinson, Albert Wilson & Kelvin Benjiman
TEs: Zach Ertz, Austin Seferian-Jenkins

My only issue here is if Bell doesn’t do Bell things ROS you have really taken a hit to your RBs. I feel like you’re too thin to try that right now. You’re WR would be huge, but can you take the beating for a few weeks with your RB? I’d probably be looking to pawn off other WR for RB depth.

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Evans, Theilen, JuJu, Edleman… Allen would kind of be over kill?

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No it shouldn’t he’s in a 3 wr one flex league.

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Yes this is a pretty big risk, I am only considering this because in my matchup this week I am so heavily favored in the projections that even after removing Conner from my lineup with no replacement I am still favored to win by 20+(ik take the projections with a grain of salt).

Yes Im effectively starting 4 WRs in my league

I could say do it if you can get him for that price I rolled do it. The whole corner bell thing is always a gamble but if bell does come back and Conner is benched you’d be more mad that you still have him. Giving you a big 0. If you can trade for allen do it. If the other team needs a win like asap that is more of a tempting offer. But if they are ok they probably won’t take it cuz they don’t need connor. I would send it.

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Thanks, I’ll send the proposal right after waivers drop and see how the landscape changes, hopefully I end up with Clement to help mitigate this risk in my gamble.

Yeah that would help with the decision.

I think Conner should be used as a tool to upgrade RB! makes it harder because you have bell but you can get it done!

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I would love to do that, but I dont see any realistic options based on who is and is not struggling in my league, The only guy struggling who has RBs of value or significant upgrade has two injured RB1s in Dalvin Cook and Fournette. The guy is 0-5 for obvious reasons, maybe I can offer Conner + Sanders or Edelman for a flier on Fournette as I already have a lot of the Vikings offense.

Looks like I got Smallwood as Clement was claimed by number 1 priority. I guess that’s not too surprising.