How much to spend on Leveon Bell?

Standard league-redraft. I’m 3-1 right now. Bell’s owner is 0-4, making it a little easier to acquire him.

My team:
QB: A Luck, Bortles
WRs: Hopkins, C Davis, Edelman, D Westbrook, G Allison
RBs: K Hunt, D Freeman, J Ajayi, Linsday, Chubb
TE: Ertz

Any suggestions on who should I package to aqcuire Bell? Thanks guys.

what does the other guy need? I would probably try to sell bortles and a RB2 or WR2. There are so many quarterbacks going off this year, I would think that there’s a reasonable replacement for luck when that bye week comes.

I’m actually trying to trade for bell too lol. I’m offered the guy TY hilton/tevin coleman for him. I might even go with diggs/coleman for bell. I’m just waiting to see what the guy says.

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