How much would you pay for amari cooper?

My opponent is strugling with his roster and wants to trade away amari cooper. He told me he would take a 2 for 1 in this situation. I have: phillip lindsay, tevin coleman, devin singletary, emmanuel sanders, john brown e desean jackson.
(The other players i wouldnt trade, hopkins, carson and cook)
I need to choose 2 to send him the offer… How high should i go for amari cooper?

He also has barkley and is considering a trade… Maybe 2 or 3 of these guys for barkley, but i dont know who and how much. I offered him coleman + lindsay for barkley, but i doubt he would take it lol

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Maybe a John Brown and Coleman trade for Cooper. Cooper IMO is worthy of any of those two combos except Lindsay + Coleman

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thanks for the idea, i think i might offer him the rb + wr combo… lets hope he’s tilting and gives me cooper without any counter offers