How Quick Should I Get Rid Of Ekeler?

Ekeler owner here. Just wondering how soon I should get rid of him. I know the chargers aren’t going to 100% use Gordon, but there will be shares. I just don’t know the ratio of them. Should I try to trade for Gordon and keep Ekeler, or just trade Ekeler away?

QB: Dak
RB’s: McCaffrey, Carson, Ekeler, Nick Chubb
WR’s: Julio, Amari Cooper, Tyreek Hill, Mike Williams, Robert Woods, Kupp, Hollywood Brown
TE: Evan Engram
K: Butker

Is this like a 6 man league? How do you have Julio, CMC, Cooper, Hill, Chubb? All were top 2 or 3 round picks in a 10+ man league.


@sdatkins 8 man standard. I got really good value for Carson and Ekeler, Cooper, and traded for Chubb (Damien Williams to get Chubb)

If you are going to get rid of him, has to be this week. Once Gordon takes over, no one will want Ekeler. I would look at a league member hurting at running back and maybe get a high end WR2 in return. Probably could get Theilen and someone else at this point.

@Mike_Honcho Thielen owner’s roster:

Tom Brady
D-Hop, Boyd, Thielen, Ridley, Kirk
Gurley, Jordan Howard, David Montgomery
Hockenson, Kelce
Gould, Tucker

Give it a go

I’d keep him. I have him myself and Ekeler has always produced, even as a #2 as he’s one of the leagues top 3-5 back-ups. Not to mention that you have McCaffery, one of the top 3 biggest horses in the league, in tandem with Carson. Solid. I’ve got Kupp balling too, picked him out of draft order, with Golladay still on the board. Did the same with T. Hill last year, over A.J. Green. I call em. :O)

The commish of this 8 team, 14th year league. Half (which includes myself) are diamond managers. Digging my start. 2 wins have been by about 1 and 3 points.

Your team is super stacked, if someone is willing to take Ekeler now for a WR2 I would take that trade, but Ek can still provide value during bye weeks if needed. Though not sure I would start him over the studs you already own.

Firstly, i want to be in your league. I would win it every year haha. I have Ekeler and i have tried trading him to everyone in my league. Not a single person wants him since Gordon is back. Sucks, because i know he will still hold flex value but no one else seems to think that.

Lmao I bet ahah. The whole league made fun of my picks, but I’m 3-1 with a 107 point “lead” over the second guy. I think I might just hang onto him, but I also might try and go after Diggs, if he gets traded

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